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Monday, May 26, 2008

Random Pictures

These are pictures that I love that for some reason or another were either left out of other posts or just didn't have enough corresponding pictures to make it onto the blog in the past.

Giving a huge smile for the camera. Sorry it's crooked, but she was in her car seat and I was taking it from the front seat while we were stopped at a red light.
This was taken from the back seat once we stopped at our destination. Her new thing is sticking her tongue out. It is adorable!
Chilling out in only a diaper as she refused to put her pajamas back on after a diaper change and I didn't want to risk messing up her outfit before we headed out for the day.
Intently watching something on Playhouse Disney.

Having a few laughs.Sierra inside one of the Moonwalks at her birthday party. Her dad, Lorelai's Uncle Rob, was playing catch with his niece, so Sierra and I shared a few unspoken moments together. My handsome husband.
Enjoying more funny moments on Disney Channel.A few precious moments with her grandparents.
Checking Mary Beth out once she put on her shades.
Letting Mary Beth hold her once she was comfortable with her.
The same evening that we were out to eat with Mary Beth, I met up with an old friend, Summer, who was dining at the same restaurant. At the time, Lorelai was going through a bit of a phase where she wasn't very fond of being held by anyone besides Dan and me. Poor Summer!

Lynn, a friend of the family who performed the wedding ceremony for Dan and me, isn't much of a baby person. This picture was taken at Lynn's birthday celebration prior to everyone else arriving. Lorelai was still in her "only want my parents" phase. Later on, my mom begged Lynn to hold Lorelai but he refused time and time again. Lynn and I just looked at each other and winked as we both knew he had held her earlier, which for Lynn is quite monumental. He is a bit of a pushover where I'm concerned and is coming around to Lorelai slowly, but surely. Trying to scale the giant bag of cat food.
I think it's bigger than she is.