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Monday, May 26, 2008

An Evening With The Guys

Dan had a few close friends over to hang out, watch hockey, and play "Risk" on Monday night. Here are a handful of pictures from the evening.

Although Lorelai has been given more fabulous hand-me-downs that I can even fathom, I still can't help buying her a few cute outfits, particularly when they are on sale. This ensemble was purchased at Babies R Us, along with 2 shirts that match these shorts and 2 tennis dresses, when I went in for a diaper bag. Good grief!

Uncle Tree trying to avoid being photographed.
Gotcha! (Lorelai trying to ingest a Publix sub, wrapper and all.) Had to redo this post once everyone arrived and Dan invited me into the world of "Risk" to snap a few pictures. Have no idea what they are doing in the pictures as I have never played it before, so I will just identify everyone and leave it at that. Clockwise from the window: Brian, Dan, Ryan, and Tree. (At least the dining room is finally being used for something other than collecting dust-LOL).