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Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Look, I'm Woody~Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!"

Last week Sierra won the grand prize basket after the Easter egg hunt. Since Chase already has most of the "Toy Story" toys in it, she was generous enough to give it to Miller. What a sweet cousin!!! One of the toys in it was a Woody hat that everyone had a great time modeling.

While we were still at Rob and Lisa's, Chase and Pap got to take turns trying on Woody's cowboy hat.

First up at home~Mommy and Daddy.

Howdy, pard'ners!

Now it's "Jessie's" turn.

Here's "Jessie" giving us a big "Yee Haw!"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Extravaganza

Rob and Lisa graciously host Easter lunch and an egg hunt at their house each year. The adults get to chat and relax while the kids play, and play, and play.

The first thing on the agenda is lunch. Lorelai enjoyed the dessert I brought which was topped in a nice thick layer of whipped cream. Mmmmm!!!

This year we decided to go with plush Easter baskets.

I didn't get any good pictures of Lorelai during the egg hunt this year because she was just too fast to keep up with, and because she and Miller went in opposite directions. However, I did get this great picture of Miller with his newest treasure.

Relaxing under a nice, shady tree.

Group/duo photo time.

Ma and Pap with two of the best presents the Easter Bunny could ever bring.

Only took us about 15 tries to get this one. I was especially picky this year.

Me with my sweet Miller~this picture is one of my favorites that I have of the two of us.

My handsome husband and me dressed like we're ready to go shaggin' at the beach.

The two Rapunzels on top of their tower.

The princesses gazing afar.

Monday, April 25, 2011

While Daddy's Away~The Kids Will Play

Here are some pictures of the actual activities we participated in at the Southern Kids Fest. The festival had lots of bouncy houses, inflatable slides, and makeovers by Club Tabby! The other children in the pictures are my friend Jessica's kids~Logan and Delaney. Logan and Lorelai are old friends from a previous day care.

While we were waiting for our friends to show up the kids had a great time riding the escalator and climbing the stairs. Here's a great shot I captured of Miller.


Logan, a young man of many faces.

Catching up with Miller at the bottom.

Jessica and me while we wait for the kids to get their makeovers at Club Tabby.

Here's Delaney with her new hair color~courtesy of Club Tabby.

When you get the full treatment you get two people to work on you.

Who says Club Tabby is just for girls?! Miller Man sporting a striking shade of blue.

Logan showing off his new "do" and his "Club Tabby Boys" tattoo.

Giving us his smoldering stare.

Right before we left I told Lorelai she could pick out one treat from any booth that she wanted. She ended up leaving with this boa from Club Tabby. Ooh la la!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Cavalcade of Characters

While Dan was on his annual golf trip last weekend I did my best to keep the kids super busy. Our first trek was to the Southern Kids Fest. They had lots of characters there that the kids could have their pictures made with. Miller is still terrified of anything is costume but Lorelai is totally on board with cozying up to them. Check it out!

Andy Armadillo~the mascot for Texas Roadhouse.

I didn't catch a great smile on her, but I remember how happy she was to see Monkey Joe so I decided to post this one anyway.

Come on, Dora! Vamanos!

Good 'ol Spongebob Squarepants.

Some pics with various mascots from Bi-Lo and the Greenville Hospital System. She was chasing down any character that would stand still long enough to pose for a picture.

Lorelai couldn't wait to have her picture made with Hello Kitty.

Now it's my turn with Hello Kitty~a childhood dream come true!! A friend of mine, Jessica, joined me.

Lorelai and the man of the hour at this festive time of year. This is the first time she's ever had her picture made with the Easter Bunny. Now granted, this particular costume wasn't top of the line, and the person inside wasn't very professional because he was just a child, but not too long after this photo was taken Lorelai had the revelation that it was "just a boy inside the suit." That girl is just too smart for her own good!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Photo Shoot

This year I had a momentary lapse of sanity and decided to conduct my annual spring photo shoot all on my own, sans my dearest Thea Caro. Not sure if I'll go that route again, but this year necessity was the mother of invention. That having been said, I hope you all enjoy this year's comedy of errors~or what I like to call~"I took 100 pictures and this is what I have to show for it, not to mention a headache that lasted for a week."

From dainty and demure to downright silly.

The dashing Miller Man.

These are the three pictures that made the spring card.

I love how I captured her giggle in this candid shot.

It all looks so effortless in print.

It almost looks like she has bunny ears~how precious!!