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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Having A Ball

Several weeks ago my mom, the kids, and I went to William's soccer game. Lorelai had trouble being a spectator, so most of my pictures are of her playing soccer solo.

Miller enjoying all of the excitement.
Ready to hit the soccer pitch-a British term for the field. I'm such an Anglophile!

Gotta throw it in bounds.
I love this picture of her. Another good back shot for Ma.
Working on her fancy footwork.
A few rare pictures of the main event. It's tough to shoot individual pics of a soccer game since everyone's always huddled together.

...and we return to the missis.

Love this one, too!
She has the right concept of getting the ball into the net, she's just a little fuzzy on the fundamentals.
That girl's a quick study.
Nothin' but net.
A breather is always important.
Back in action.
My favorite childhood picture is almost identical to this pose. Wanted to have one of Lorelai, as well. The man of the hour.
Not a great picture of Lorelai and William, but after they've both been running around for at least 30 minutes, I'll take what I can get. We'll be going to the lake with William and Craig at the end of May so hopefully I can get some better ones then.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scooting Right Along

Quite a while back my mom bought Lorelai a Barbie scooter. She's ridden it around the apartment but last weekend she finally got to take it out on the open road!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter 2010

The grin that just won't stop! Looking pretty in plaid, this was the perfect dress for our annual trip to visit Uncle Rob, Aunt Lisa, Sierra, Chase, and Ma & Pap for our annual lunch and Easter egg hunt.I love how red his hair looks in these pictures, not to mention those killer ice blue eyes!!

Since the four cousins aren't able to get together as often as we'd like I wanted to make sure to get as many pictures of them as possible. When we arrived I got several of Lorelai, Miller, and Sierra. Chase joined us later.

This year I wanted to make sure to get a picture of all four Jacob grandchildren for Ma and Pap. The group shot left quite a bit to be desired but the individual ones turned out very well.

Giving a shout out to his public. Popularity can be so demanding!

On a mission.
And the hunt continues.
Lorelai's impressive haul from the Easter egg hunt in the basket that Grandmother made for her.
Ready to cruise the neighborhood--or at least the cul-de-sac.
Chase and Pap.

Two beautiful brunettes.
It only took us three or four tries this year to get a picture of me that I actually approved of. I think that might be a record.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Newest Members

As is commonly the case in families with children of a specified age, we have begun to patronize Build-A-Bear with some regularity. We would like to introduce you to the three newest additions to our household. I am sad to say that to date they are all unnamed.

I adore this bunny. We probably would have gotten her the first time we went, but she wasn't for sale yet.
I know this isn't the greatest picture of Lorelai, but we had to bribe her to even get her to sit there and smile. As a result, I was willing to take what I could get.

Miller's frog man. I didn't include a picture of the Miller man posing with it because it was not good at all. I'm sure there will be more of him with his froggy in the future to post once he's actually at an age to start playing with it.
Holding hands.
I love this bear, too. She's vibrant and has lots of personality--just like her owner.