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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Night Swim

The week before we left for Destin we took Lorelai to the pool for the first time and she absolutely adored it. Not sure if it was all the water aerobics I did when I was pregant with her or if she's just a water baby. Either way you can't get that girl out of the water these days. Here are some pictures of Lorelai and Dan in Christine and Ken's pool our second night in Florida.

I just love this one because of the faces they're making.

Please know that Dan was standing right next to her, I just cropped him out.

Indoor Rodeo

When we went to Destin we were fortunate enough that my cousin, Christine, had three tricycles, as we had three little girls who preferred not to share if they didn't have to. :) Her daughters Caroline and Bella have what Christine referred to as indoor rodeos on said tricycles. While I didn't get many action shots I did get a few stagnant ones. One thing I did notice later is that they were all dressed in hot pink. Coincidence???

Here is Caroline in a few true "posed" shots.

Lorelai climbing up for a ride.
Bella checking out the competition.
Caroline giving us a "cheery" send off.
As we all know "Miss Independent" has to try out every way something can be done (in this case, move a tricycle) before deciding which way is the best.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hamming It Up

While we were in Destin, Florida visiting my cousin Christine and her family, we literally took hundreds of pictures. While I was still learning how to use our new camera I decided to practice by taking a few quick pictures of Lorelai. Here are the results of our impromptu photo shoot.

Looking a bit like a deer in the headlights.

Much better.
Now she looks like a bird perching on a ledge.
She's definitely not camera shy.

Practicing to be a store mannequin.
You know how I love a good candid shot.

To Appease the Masses

Numerous people have inquired about why I haven't posted any pictures of myself during my pregnancy. You're about to see why. For lack of a better term, I am gargantuan. I have been on steroids for the majority of my pregnancy due to migraines and as a result I have grown to epic proportions. Luckily my neurologist is trying out new meds and I'm being taken off of the steroids, so with any luck by July you may actually get a headshot of me, too. Until then, I hope the belly shot will tide you over. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heading South

We are heading to Florida for the holiday weekend to visit my cousin and her family. Hopefully we will have tons of pictures to post when we return. Just wanted you to know why we will be a bit incommunicado via blog for the next several days. Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sierra's Playplace Party

Sierra turned 3 last Friday and we were all invited to join the festivities. The party was held at the local McDonald's and everyone had a great time!

Dan and Lorelai got a bird's eye view of the partygoers below.

Dan and Chase having a few laughs.
Just hanging around.
Getting ready to blow out the candles.
Just as God intended-one hand for cake and the other for ice cream.
And now for the main event...getting ready to open presents!!
Just in time for summer she got a monogrammed beach towel, beach bag, and water gun from the three of us. Figured it would be perfect since her aunt has a pool in her back yard.
Round 2 of sweet deliciousness...Disney themed cupcakes.

As Lorelai hates to have her hands messy, and cupcakes aren't exactly a silverware-friendly food, she had to find other ways to keep her hands spotless.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It Was Bound to Happen

After getting saddled with nicknames like "Piranha" and "Jaws" at her previous and current day cares (both of which were deserved I'm quite sure), she finally got her comeuppance. :(

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snug as a Bug in...Four Blankets

Lately Lorelai wants to be surrounded by stuffed animals, blankets, and her handy dandy new pillow when she goes to bed. When I went in to check on her one night I found that she was nothing but a head lost in a sea of blankets and other nighttime comfort items. Sweet dreams, little one!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Frozen Treat Frenzy

The weekend that Dan went away for his golf trip Lorelai and I spent Saturday with my parents and William. After spending the afternoon at the park we went back to their house before heading off to church. Of course, after a hot day in the sun we needed some cooling off. What better way to do that than with some frozen refreshments?!

Looks like Lorelai wanted to weigh in before indulging in her 20 calorie sugar free popsicle.
Slurping up the orange-y goodness.

Too afraid to see the results after her big splurge.
After church it was time to hit Bruster's for another decadent treat. This time it was in the form of a chocolate baby cone. Here she waits patiently for her turn.
Taking her first nibble while she and Grandaddy walk to the bench being reserved by yours truly.
It only took me about 17 tries to actually get her licking the cone.
Wiping a drop off of her shoe. She's nothing if not tidy.
Finishing up the dregs of my ever-so-tasty sugar free cinnamon. Trust me, there wasn't much left. :) That face is priceless!!