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Monday, August 30, 2010

Precious in Polka Dots

Here's Lorelai in a dress my mom made for her. Adorable!

My Handsome Boys

Cooking 101

Lorelai loves to help in the kitchen so I let her help me with dinner. Oddly enough, we were having breakfast for dinner. She was a huge help and was extremely patient with me while I documented the event.

Smushing (the technical term) the cresent rolls into the pan to make the crust.
Humoring me by smiling for the camera. Thanks, Lorelai. You're so good to Mommy!

Spicing things up.

Mmmmm, cheese. The best part!!

Snazzy Signs from my Student

One of my former students was very artistic. She made signs for Lorelai and Miller that I hung up in their play/art area at home. She did an amazing job and I just wanted to show them off.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pictures of My Favorite People

Fun at CiCi's

While Rob and Lisa were on their cruise, the cousins got to spend a good bit of time together. One evening Ma and Pap, Dan and me, and all the kids went to CiCi's.

Birthday Lunch with Thea Caro

Thea, Lorelai, and I went to Panera for my birthday. I got a few pics to commemorate the event.

Probably my most favorite picture of the lovely Thea Caro.Sweet kisses and hugs with Lorelai and Thea.

Party at Grammy Anne and Pappy Jim's

Grammy Anne and Pappy Jim are kind enough to let us come over and swim in their pool. Here are some photos I took at the end of June. Could I have waited any longer to post them?! Good grief!

Feeling daring on the diving board.

Pap always puts a smile on everyone's face.

She's such an acrobat!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lorelai's "Fairy" Tale Party - Sweet Treats

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that Lorelai had a Disney Fairies cake for her birthday. I tried my best to get the picture of the cake in its entirety to load, but it just wouldn't cooperate. I'll try again later, but wanted to get this post loaded since I haven't posted in almost a week.We begin with the individual pictures of each lovely fairy.


Silvermist (my favorite)
Making a wish!
Yum! Tried to get all of the girls looking at me, but apparently Lorelai was way more interested in devouring the cake.
In addition to the group shot I also tried to get solo pictures, but you will notice the Birthday Girl is missing because I couldn't pull her away from eating the cake long enough to look at me.

Lorelai was sweet enough to let each girl take home a fairy from her cake. Tried, yet again, to get an individual picture of each girl but Lorelai wasn't the most cooperative with this endeavor. (Are we beginning to see a pattern?)

Wanted all of the girls to show off their fairies, so of course the Birthday Girl had to be doing something different. At least she's consistent-and besides-it's her birthday!!!
Decided to just go with the flow and get all of the girls to lick the icing off of their fairies. Still have an odd man out, but at least this time it wasn't Lorelai. :)