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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland

When we went over to Ma and Pap's the day after Christmas, the kids (young and old) wanted to enjoy the snow before it melted.

Here we have the lovely Lorelai in her animal print hat and her gorgeous red coat. She reminds me of the Little Match Girl.

Sierra's animated face just cracks me up. I love her bubblegum pink coat and hat.

Looks like Rob's ready for a snowball fight!

Lisa taking a break from photographing the fun so that she can help me fulfill my duties as photographer and blogger.

My little snow bunnies.

Our sweet, trusting little Lorelai. Pap lured her under this tree and then Dan threw snowballs at it. This "avalanche" while she was under it was the result. Of course she loved every minute of it and begged them to do it again.

Cute cousins.

Dan swears this snowball wasn't going to hit me, but I'm not so sure. :)

Miller had a great time playing in the snow.

We couldn't get the girls to stop eating the snow~no matter how hard we tried.

Miller Man on the move.

We Must Have Been Good This Year

Our tree before our sweet angels got to it. We must have been good this year because Santa left us lots of goodies!Looks like Santa took a few bites of the cookies and drank the milk we left for him. He also used the special universal key that Ma gave us for him to use. Since we live in an apartment we don't have a chimney. We leave the key outside for Santa so he can get in to leave the presents. When he's finished, he leaves the key on the table. Thanks, Ma!

Here is what happened when Miller opened a pretty heavy gift and the paper gave way but the present stayed put.
Lorelai's most used new gift to-date is her V-Reader. She adores reading and this is her opening the accompanying book and yelling "Dora!"
MIller got two computers~one with a computer keyboard and telephone and the other with a piano keyboard and microphone.
One of Lorelai's favorite gifts was the Disney Princess Encyclopedia.
The joint gift that the kids received this year was the Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion. I have been made fun of by several people for suggesting that Santa bring them this gift, but it has been a hit with everyone~young and old!!
Miller practicing his numbers and letters.
Checking out the Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion.
Lorelai asked Santa for a big Tinkerbell and a small Tinkerbell. This bust of Tinkerbell fulfilled the requirement of the big Tinkerbell. She came with wings~which as you can see are for the little girl to wear~and a necklace which doubles as a bracelet for the girl, also.
Here's Lorelai deciding which stickers she'll place where on her new "big" Tinkerbell.

Looks like they all ended up on her forehead. It's kind of cool that it looks like Tinkerbell is wearing the wings, but they're still on Lorelai. :)

It's a Cookie Party!

Every year my good friend~and fellow blogger~Karen, has a cookie decorating party. Lorelai had a great time decorating cookies, and even helped as a mini-Betty Crocker as the party went on.

Lorelai's colorful creations. The sweet older sister even made one for Miller.

Our hostess!
Lorelai getting in on the cooking making action.

She'd never used cookie cutters before since everything we make comes out of a box, so she thought they were pretty amazing.

Laughing at the giant ball of dough that got caught on the rolling pin because she needed more flour.
Finally getting around to eating one of her cookies that she decorated.
The very special shirt that she wore just for the occasion.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Killing a Saturday

While in Destin over Labor Day we mostly just hung out with Christine and the girls. We began with a most healthy breakfast of Pop-Tarts.

You know me and my love of Halloween. In my opinion, costumes are always appropriate. In this case, putting furry kitten ears on my son while he's eating breakfast.
Next on the agenda~making funny faces.

Finally, we headed to one of my favorite restaurants in Destin~The Backporch. It has the most amazing blackened chicken alfredo!!! We weren't able to be seated right away so I snapped a few shots while we waited.

While the food is amazing, the view isn't too shabby either. Here's what we were able to see as we looked directly outside the window next to our table.