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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catching Up

Since I am starting this blog about 8 months late I will be posting pictures a bit out of chronological order. From now on I will try to post in a more timely, and orderly, fashion. I apologize in advance to those of you who have seen these "catch up" pictures already.


My cousin, Christine, and my Aunt Nancy got married in November and December 2007, respectively. Here are some pictures from those events.

Father/daughter dancing.

My husband channeling his inner rock star. Family photo taken at Christine and Ken's wedding.

Looks like she's giving a shout out to her fans.
That girl is always the center of attention
Either on the verge of a smile or about to start crying.


C.C. bought her this cat costume. It was a bit big so she only wore it for the pictures. This was the last picture taken before the costume was removed. Dan insisted we leave it on the camera.
The first of the Halloween outfits. The spider was sparkly. Her socks were jack-o-lanterns.

The pumpkin was made of sequins. Like this shot because her dimple is a bit visible. The full outfit. Doesn't she look thrilled?

The Room

Since Lorelai's room had "loaner" furniture when most people stopped by to see her and got a peek at her nursery, I decided to post pictures of the nearly finished product.

C.C. made these curtains for her.

She has fairies on her walls around the room. This is a gorgeous shelf that will hopefully be on the wall soon.
C.C. painted these letters and I finally got them put up about a month ago.
It's never too early to start reading.

The piece of furniture that took forever to arrive. My aunt made this blanket for Lorelai. It rests on the back of the rocking chair in her room.

While Daddy's Away

While Dan was on his annual golf trip I did my best to take daily pictures of Lorelai.

Here she is in her outfit she wore for picture day at day care.

She was working on crawling so I put her in suitable attire for getting good traction.

This is an outfit that she got from Uncle Rob, Aunt Lisa, and Sierra at the first baby shower.
I know this one is a bit blurry but she just looks so cute and happy.
Here she is in a lovely sun hat. What lady doesn't love a good chapeau?

First Day of "School"

This was Lorelai's first day of day care. Obviously she was not smiling yet.

William and Lorelai

While Dan was on his annual golf trip Lorelai and I took the opportunity to go visit Aunt Laura and William.

Had to snap this picture. William was decked out in his bike helmet and was playing his Wiggles guitar.
At least one of them was looking at the camera.

I asked him to lie on the floor like Lorelai. He took it as lie on the floor on Lorelai. Either way it's a cute picture.

Monkey Joe's

My parents took William, our nephew, to Monkey Joe's. Since they can't really get on the equipment they asked Dan and me to come and help. Of course Lorelai couldn't miss an opportunity to get out and see people. She went on the big slide but we didn't get any pictures of it.

Lorelai and C.C. waiting for Dan and William to come through the obstacle course.
William having a ball on the slide.

Lorelai and Daddy having a photo op. Mother/daughter photo.

She sure knows when the camera is present.

Lorelai's First Days at Home

Lorelai's face is a little scrunchy, but the parents look pretty happy to finally have her home.

Lorelai with Georgie and Brandon Calhoun, her godsister and godfather. Lorelai and JoJo, her godbrother, as his dad Brandon looks on.

Lorelai resting with Colleen, better known as Thea Caro.
Sierra and Lorelai, AKA Baby Lailai. That's how we got the name for the blog website. Taking a power nap with Grandmother Catherine, one of her namesakes. She is also named after my grandmother.

Hanging out with Grandpap, otherwise known as Pap.

Wearing a handmade hat from Thea Caro. Lorelai seems to think it's pretty funny.

Kisses from daddy are so precious.

Frodo giving her a once over and giving his approval. I love this picture. I think she was yawning.
Taking a snooze. This swing was a real hit until she outgrew it. Pretty much how she spent the majority of her first month or so at home.
The day we brought her home. The dress was way too big but she looked adorable anyway.

She looks so tiny compared to her big mother.

A family self-portrait.