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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twirling Part 1

Sierra had a great time twirling with Pap. She tried it with her dad first but he got a little too dizzy.

Twirling Part 2

I turned the camera off too early after the first go 'round of twirling and was unable to film her trying to run while her balance was off. It was very funny. This video captured her after her second bout with twirling and she was getting very dizzy by this time.

Father's Day

I know this post is quite belated. I have been putting it off because I took a massive amount of pictures and knew the task of sifting through them to update the blog would be quite an undertaking. I know there are lots of pictures in this post, but considering I took over 120 pictures that day I think I did a pretty good job of narrowing it down.

On Father's Day morning Lorelai and I met my dad at IHOP. My mom was out of town and Dan was playing golf, so it was just Granddaddy and his girls.

The adorable bib that Uncle Rob, Aunt Lisa, and Sierra brought back for Lorelai from Walt Disney World.
Tried to get Lorelai to look at the camera but she was having some focus issues.
That afternoon Dan, Lorelai, and I went to his parents' house for a cook out. Uncle Rob, Aunt Lisa, and Sierra were there, too, to join in on the fun.
The radiant mom-to-be.
Sierra was kind enough to stand still so I could snap a shot of her Princess shirt.
These girls play so nicely together. :)
Sierra is such a good cousin to baby Lailai and will be a terrific big sister in August.
Sporting a flamingo bow courtesy of Ma.
Daddy and his little girl, or "the muffin," as we call her.
Taking a break to have a nice refreshment.
Uncle Rob getting the hamburgers ready for the grill...
...while Aunt Lisa keeps him company.
Sierra cookin' up some fun in the kitchen.
Of course baby Lailai wants to sample the goodies.
Pap's girls wishing him a Happy Father's Day.
Playing a game with Uncle Rob.

I love this picture of Sierra. Her eyes are so expressive and she looks so beautiful.
While I took some pictures of her, Sierra attempted to take some pictures of her own.
Uncle Rob looking quite contemplative.
Having some fun with his littlest niece.

Dan's old neighbor Gary, the man who actually introduced me to Dan, brought his new puppy by for a visit.

Sierra climbing up so she could do some twiriling.

The sweet faces that light up my life.The loving parents-to-be resting after a busy afternoon.
Aunt Lisa trying to take pictures of Sierra to send to her family.
What a healthy choice for dessert, especially considering brownies and cookies were also available!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birthday Lunches

My good friend Karen took me out for a birthday lunch since I had to work on my birthday. We went to Pizza House in Travelers Rest. It was very tasty! Since I document everything nowadays I had to get pictures of us, but since I didn't have my camera these were taken with my phone.
Thea Caro, Lorelai, and I went to lunch the day after my birthday for a celebration. We went to Brixx, what a shocker! While we waited for our food Thea Caro kept Baby Lailai entertained.

The light of Thea Caro's life.
Playing Peek-A-Boo.

After lunch Lorelai cooled off in the fountain.
Since I had a spare outfit we decided to throw caution to the wind and ler her go for a dip.

She was wearing these sandals Grandmother Catherine gave her, but after her dip in the fountain she chose to nibble on them instead of wear them.

More party hats. You know we can't resist a trip to Swoozie's!
This one is reversible.

I love how tiny she looks compared to this bear.