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Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Laundress

One of the key lines in Hairspray (Lorelai's favorite movie) is "I don't want to be a laundress, I want to be famous." Apparently in Lorelai's case, she wants to be both. We all know she's quite the ham and can often be found singing and dancing. Recently I got her a toy ironing board and it has become an extension of her.

Testing to see if it's hot enough. By the way, she knows better than to try this with a real iron.
Folding is a key element in any successful laundry business.
Another day, still more laundry to do.
What do you do when what you're ironing won't fit on your board? Use the floor, of course!! (Please note: She's wearing a Tinkerbell pajama top and her Sleeping Beauty dress up skirt.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miller's Baptism

Miller was baptized on January 2nd. Here are a few pictures from that very special day.

Our handsome little boy who is always smiling. He wore the christening gown which was also worn by my brother and grandfather. It is 93 years old.
Grampy Jim was a special participant by doing one of the readings.

Okay, so maybe he isn't always smiling, but when you're getting water dumped on your head, who can blame you.
Miller and his very proud godmother, Mary Beth.
Not a great picture, but we were trying to get everyone in the shot. My brother, Craig, is Miller's godfather but since he couldn't be there my dad stood in for him.
The family of four.
The gang with Ma and Pap.
This time with Grandmother and Granddaddy.
The man of the hour and his Grammy Anne.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Princess in Training

Thea Caro gave Lorelai a trunk full of princess dress up clothes and accessories for Christmas. Here are just a few of the pictures I've been able to get of her. It's tough to get her to pose when she's much more interested in "playing princess."

Our very own Sleeping Beauty.
Putting on her earrings.

Heels are required to complete the outfit.In her full Cinderella ensemble.Have you ever seen a prettier Snow White? Eat your heart out, Walt Disney.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Last But Not Least

The day after Christmas was spent with Ma and Pap. Rob, Lisa, Sierra, and Chase were also there to help us celebrate this very special holiday.

Here's Pap with a pretty full lap.
Our precious girls. Lorelai is wearing a turtleneck that my Aunt Carol monogrammed for her.

We tried very hard to get a picture of Miller and Chase together. We probably should have left them just like this, because the next picture shows what happened when we moved Miller to get them a little closer together.

Lorelai showing off the new ornament she got from Ma and Pap.
Sierra with her new doll from Ma and Pap.
Chase with his new blocks from Uncle Dan, Aunt Amy, Lorelai, and Miller.
It looks like Chase is kissing Miller on the head but I'm pretty sure it's just the way the picture came out--not that Chase doesn't love his little cousin dearly. :)
Miller crashed out after all of the excitement.
An after-dinner snack of fudge ripple ice cream. Yum!
Now Pap has a very full lap! We were able to get pictures of Rob, Lisa, Dan, and me, as well as a picture of the four of us with Lorelai and Sierra, but those were taken with another camera as ours decided to die before the end of the night. I'll make sure those get posted at a later date.
For now you get a picture of Dan and me...
...and those lovely Jacob girls in red.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Afternoon

We spent Christmas afternoon and evening with my parents. My brother came into town from Massachusetts, and his son was also there to help us celebrate.

Here's Lorelai in her handmade tutu from Grandmother.

She also got lots of food to put in her new kitchen that she got from Santa.
Here's Craig giving us a smile, although I'm not really sure how genuine it is. :)
My mom had one of our neighbors from our old neighborhood make this Humpty Dumpty for Miller.
Smiles all around.
Resting after Granddaddy gave him a snack.
William giving us a smile that looks remarkably like his dad's.
Lorelai loves musicals and one of her favorites is Hairspray. She knows almost all of the words and movements to all of the songs. Here she is doing her big finish to "Good Morning, Baltimore."
Craig is being such a good dad as he tries to figure out how all of William's Transformers work.

Onto couch diving with our little wild woman. I swear that child knows no fear.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was a giant success down here in Easley, SC. Lorelai woke up around 9 am and the festivities began. Her presents were wrapped in Tinkerbell, Disney Princesses, and Dora so she was sure which ones were hers and which ones were Miller's. She had no trouble tearing right into them.She was very careful to give me each piece of paper to throw away. Her OCD just shines when she wants it to. :)

Here she is directing me to throw her refuse away before the present opening can continue.
Oohing and aahing over her crown from The Princess and the Frog collection.
Modeling the crown.
Now for the headband and necklace portions of the ensemble. I adore how she looks in this picture...
...although I must say this one definitely captures the true essence of Miss Lorelai Catherine. This is what we call "giving eyeballs" to somebody.
Her new computer was a big hit.
She couldn't even wait to get it out of the box before playing with it.

Her most favorite gift-the box set of Mamma Mia!
Miller finally decided to join the party after everyone had been awake for about an hour.
He enjoyed all of his "edible" toys.

While Dan tried to figure out how to use Lorelai's computer, she made us coffee in her new kitchen that Santa brought her.
Our barista in action.
Lorelai was very gracious and helped Miller open his presents. As you can see, she was much more interested in watching Mamma Mia than she was in opening gifts that weren't for her.
Dan smiling for the camera while Miller watches Lorelai opening his loot.