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Monday, May 26, 2008

New Name, New Foods, And An Old Favorite

Lorelai and I met my mom, now going by Grandmother instead of C.C., for Lorelai anyway, at Mimi's Cafe for lunch. One of the waitresses was nice enough to bring Lorelai a small plate full of goodies. It had a small cup of Cheerios, an orange slice, and saltine crackers. Here are some cute photos of our luncheon together.

Lorelai opening up for her first taste of an orange. She is very trusting and will open her mouth for any food item.
Giving it a try on her own.

Getting the wrong end of the stick, or in this case, the orange. After she tasted the rind she got a full body shiver. It was hilarious! Grandmother giving her an old favorite, sweet tea. She has a look of anticipation on her face because she knows what's coming. Lorelai truly is a southern girl. :)

Mmm! The perfect end to a great meal.