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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Pre-Game Show And The Main Event

Dan, Rob, Lisa, and I have been planning to get together for several weeks now. The adults wanted to hang out and we wanted to get Sierra and Lorelai together to "play" at The Pavilion. I use quotes since they are quite a bit apart in age and Lorelai just kind of hangs out and eats everything not intended for human consumption.

Since Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rob are having a baby boy at the end of the summer, they were kind enough to donate some of Sierra's clothes that she has outgrown to the Lorelai Jacob Clothing Fund. Here is one such donation, minus the hat.
Looking ready for all of the Pavilion action!
A much better shot of the pretty outfit she was given. She didn't seem to care one way or the other about the slides. She's much more of a swings kind of girl.

Sierra posing patiently for Aunt Amy.

Lorelai was a bit stuffed up due to allergies so she had to breathe through her mouth. She looks pitiful. :(

Tried to get Sierra to look at the camera but she was more interested in looking at baby Lailai.

Think Lisa was also taking a picture here and she was looking at her.