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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movin' On Up

Well, it's official. Lorelai can climb the stairs! I was only a step ahead of her at all times and she climbed from the foyer floor, past the landing, and on up the big flight of stairs. I posted these pictures out of order. She climbed up and then I called Dan to take pictures, so we had to restart her trek to the top. She was none too pleased so that is why my hands are in the pictures, coaxing her to climb just one more stair so we can get it on camera. How cruel are we? :) Scroll down to see how far she got on her own prior to the photo session.
Can you belive it?! For those that haven't seen our house, she climbed about 12 steps on her own, including the 2 steps before the landing. Forgive how terrible we both look in the picture, it's capturing the moment that counts. :)