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Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day Out With The Girls

Thea Caro, Lorelai, and I spent Memorial Day together while Dan ran errands. First, we met at Brixx Cafe in the Shoppes at Greenridge. For those of you who live in the Greenville area and have yet to try Brixx, I highly recommend it.

Thea Caro making funny faces at Lorelai. Lorelai still warming up to her as we don't see her too often as of late. Hope that will change once school is out for the summer.
Reading a new Elmo book together.
Lorelai and Thea Caro "giving love," as we call it in our house when someone is lightly head-butted. It all started because Katie, our fearless feline, brushed up against people with her head and we said that she was "giving love." Guess it carried over into people doing it, as well.
I look quite happy while she looks unsure.

A bit of role reversal. Probably one of the best shots of her outfit for the day. I thought it was very summery.
Having a snack while the adults eat their lunch.
Just thought this was a cute picture.

After lunch we headed to Swoozie's. Lorelai loved the Papasan chair.

Dancing to a Nat King Cole song with Thea Caro. Next stop, Barnes and Noble. Surprise, surprise! She doesn't care so much about playing with the trains as she does about eating them.
I will admit she did end up getting the train in her mouth, but for all of those who are germophobic, I decided to insert this photo instead. At least it's a toy of her own. Trying to scale the chair and ascend onto the train track. Thea Caro intervening to avoid a fall.
Getting a lift from Thea Caro. She didn't know both of them were being photographed, so I took one of just Lorelai, also.
Nothing like hanging out at Barnes and Noble and enjoying a little light reading. :)