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Monday, May 26, 2008


Recently I bought Lorelai a few classic toys that I remember having when I was younger. The first was a bucket of shapes with a lid to fit the shapes into. Of course Lorelai can't play with it appropriately yet, but she still seems to enjoy it.

Would you believe she actually tried to eat the shapes?! :)Every now and then she would get a correct match and reward herself by clapping them together. Hooray! On this particular day all she cared about doing was dumping the shapes out after Mommy put them back in over and over again.

She loved this toy. She typically started putting the lids down at #1 unless they were opened out of order and she went for the first one that was opened.

Sometimes I would just open one or two of them just to see if it would bother her enough to change activities and close them. It did.
If one or two of them proved to be problematic and wouldn't close after a few tries, she would take the handle and flip the whole toy so that the lids would shut. What ingenuity!