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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Sweet Treats

Here's the second installment of Christmas photos I promised. The third batch will contain the four of us trying to pose (fairly unsuccessfully) for our Christmas card photo.

Lorelai pausing for a bit of refreshment after an exhausting wardrobe change.
OK, so it was bound to happen eventually. Since it's pretty obvious that Miller takes after me and Lorelai takes after Dan, we wanted to see just how strong the resemblance really is. I'd say it's pretty strong. :)

Lorelai posing in front of the Candy Land tree.

Not sure if she's playing Santa's little helper or if she's stealing from the needy children.
Miller's turn in front of the Candy Land tree.
A fabulous set-up that didn't require grown-ups in the picture. Yay!!