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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Family, Food, and Fun

A few weeks ago my parents and I met Aunt Laura and William at Copper River Grill in Easley. As usual, Lorelai was ready to pose for some pictures.

William, of course, wanted in on the action, too. For some reason he had a thing about touching her head.

Perhaps he's studying to be a phrenologist.

Here he wanted to pose alone. Lorelai still snuck her face in the corner.
Showing off his "Pirates of the Caribbean" tattoo, his pride and joy.

Two weeks later we were back at Copper River Grill with the whole gang. Dan was able to join us, too.
Here my dad is sporting a lovely nautical necklace courtesy of my mom. She took it off because Lorelai kept trying to eat it while she held her. Later, William had to give it a try, too. (No picture of that. Sorry.)

Lorelai looks somewhat dazed and her hair is going a bit crazy on the side. At least Aunt Laura looks happy.

Not sure if it is obvious, but Dan is holding her here with one hand. She looks right at home perched on her pedestal.
William with his beloved bunny who is aptly named "Bunny."